Field Maps and select download location (Internal memory or SD card)

12-05-2021 10:25 PM
New Contributor III

Dear Esri,
internal memory of Android devices can by be smaller than downloaded data with basemap (especially when your working areas without cellular signal are little bit larger). We're trying to use Field Maps app more & more, it is great application, but functionality download map to SD card is essential for us. I can imagine this should be in the Field Maps settings, where the user would choose the location of the downloadable items (Internal memory or SD card).

We can download packages and upload them to the SD card using sideload. Documentation on this procedure has already been completed. Please refer to part Copy a basemap to the device (optional). But sideload is not great in all situations and also the end user (editor in field) needs to do “IT things” with ArcGIS Pro, his phone etc. This is not how usual field worker looks like. They need one BIG BUTTON in Field Maps app do download area they need. At most, someone can prepare Map Area for them, but that is maximum.

A debate on this topic is already underway on the Community website: