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Edit/Submit multiple related records

03-02-2021 04:26 AM
Status: Open
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Hi all,

Just throwing this suggestion up as a potential time saver for us. None of my field staff are editing directly onto my hydrant points but rather creating related record inspections on them. One simple but often tedious event is hydrant shoveling. Being able to select multiple hydrants, choose the fields to fill in on the related record (ie "Shoveled") then submitting and having that input template create a record in each hydrant would be great to have. This would allow them to complete a street, select multiple, and pass them all at once.

This is basically taking the edit multiple feature and applying it to related records.



Hi @BrendonJoyce1 -- yes, agreed! You can follow this Idea here with some recent input from Esri.




This would be very helpful for us as well. Within our Urban Forestry department, our field workers often do simple, quick tasks to tree assets that need recorded as a related record. It often takes more time to enter the related records for each tree individually than it does to actually do the work. 

It would increase efficiency exponentially to be able to simply select multiple trees, and add a related record to each with the same field attributes. I would think this would be relatively simple on the back end. 


Our foresters run into this issue as well with boundary maintenance using a boundary line layer that has a related table for maintenance records.  We have have parcels with multiple short stretches of boundary line that need to be independent to maintain their bearing information.  It would be really helpful to be able to add a maintenance record to multiple line segments when the related records will be identical in everything but the parent GUID.


This would be useful for damage assessment after disasters, one common use for GIS data collection.