Distance to Distance Tool in Field Maps

11-09-2022 07:28 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

As we use our GNSS units more and more with Field Maps, we find ourselves going backwards and using the unit to find existing features based on old points or old length measurements, what we call swing ties.

When working with length measurements based on utility poles, manholes, buildings, we generally use the gps unit to see how far away we are, and in ArcPro we would use distance to distance to draw those features based on the two lengths. 

A very helpful feature would be the ability to use something similar in Field Maps especially if working alone to take points like a manhole or pole, use distance to distance to create a point at the intersection that then you can use the GPS to find, and if all goes well, your buried feature (gate valve/marker/etc) should be in the vicinity. This would really help when you do not have someone else to help you take swing tie measurements.

In the Field Maps screenshot below, imagine drawing two scratch circles with a known distance from an as built from the existing green GPS points to create a point to compass to with the GPS unit, then we can check and dig if needed to confirm the asset location.


Thanks all.