Display distance from last vertex in map units when adding vertexes on Line and Polygon features

09-21-2021 04:08 PM
Status: Open
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Scenario: a user is capturing a line feature in the field in Field Maps.  The line needs to be a specific length because the user has measured it in the field.  (Note that high-accuracy GPS-collection does not work here due to obstructions.)  The user clicks a starting point.  Field Maps starts drawing a dashed line between that starting point and the map cursor as the user moves it around.  The user needs to place the next vertex so that the line is a specific length (say 10.5 feet).

We envision two possible solutions within the Field Maps app.

1 - the cursor displays the length that the line would be if the user clicked "Add Point" at that location.  So, as the user moves the map around and the line gets shorter/longer, the length displayed would change and once it showed 10.5, the user would happily place the vertex.  (Sample screen shot of this solution is attached.)

2 - After clicking the starting point, allow the user to enter a length (in map units) for the line, and Field Maps locks the line length to that distance (acting like a radius around the starting point), until the user clicks for the second vertex.


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Great Idea!!!