Customize Smart Form Appearance like color or text. (Field Maps)

04-07-2022 11:34 AM
Status: Open
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I think it would be cool to customize the appearance of smart forms with text color, background color, border colors. If you have highly customized html popups for different feature classes in a web map, being able to have a smart form that is color coordinated with the feature theme (popups, symbology) would be awesome for field workers. 


This would not only be cool, but it would also help to collect better data by highlighting specific related fields, groups of fields, or instructional information.  For example, I have a conditional group which shows up if there is a specific error in the data entry.  I want that to be highlighted in red text.  Currently I can only choose to do things like make it ALL CAPS to try to make it highlighted.

Also, colors can help differentiate sections of forms especially on long forms.


I agree with having this functionality. Colors are used to indicate users which field are important, which ones are read-only or other visual cues.


Great idea, it could be useful to add some accessibility options too and help people see fields and text.