Create point by entering known coordinates in Field Maps

03-10-2022 11:58 AM
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Our field staff would like to see a capability in field maps to create a point using a set of known, existing coordinates, in addition to the current methods for point creation within the app. I provided a workaround of using Pro to edit the feature service and create the point with coordinates that way, but they really need a way to do this offline and in the field. Thanks!


While this is still a workaround, it might be better than having to use Pro.

You can use Search to enter coordinates. That will drop a pin on the map. Then you can tap on the pin to see the details. There's an option there called Collect Here which will let you create a point feature at that location.


Thank you, that is most helpful!


Good morning,

I found this thread because I had the same idea, I've tested the work around by copy and pasting coordinates on the search bar in field maps, but I still get a "No results". Am I typing them in the wrong search bar "Place or Address" or am I typing them in the wrong format "XY"? Any info, or screenshots would help to understand this work around. Thank you



Thanks for the tip with the search bar. This works fine when I'm creating a new feature but it does not really help when trying to move a feature to this location. Although snapping is activated the feature I'm trying to move will not snap to the pin on the map. Does anyone have a workaround for this as well (except from creating a new feature at this location and then snapping to this feature)?

@fjramosTap on the search button on the top right of your map (looks like a magnifying class). You need to enter the coordinates exactly this way: 48.21N 16.38E
This should place a pin in Vienna, Austria.


Very cool! Thank you @ulrichz94 !