Continue line during collection

07-29-2022 06:35 PM
Status: Open
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I would like to be able to choose which end of the line I collect from when I re-open a feature to continue collection.

We still do not have nested collection, so if I'm collecting a trail and I find something along it, I have to submit the trail feature before I can collect the new point.

When I open the trail feature to continue collection, I frequently have it open on the wrong end.

That is, if I started in the east and walked west, I want to continue walking west. Opening the line to continue collection will frequently reverse it, so my very first vertex is treated as my most recent one. 

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To try to fix it, I've ended up moving the vertex I actually want to collect from way off in the distance, then adding vertices along the way. This is not ideal.



I would like a "continue line" option so that I don't have this happen anymore. Alternatively, a "Reverse Direction" would work too.


I agree- we need a 'reverse direction' option.  extending a line from the startpoint is a nightmare