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ArcGIS Field Maps Web or Windows 10/11 Apps

07-14-2022 09:11 AM
Status: Needs Clarification
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Hi All,

I believe that we should have a web/Windows App version of ArcGIS Field Maps. New Web Map Viewer is too tedious to perform editing for non-GIS users in the organization. For field workers, they can use their work phones (on if your organization provides that), but for office workers... or workers prefer to do their edit/update using web browser. I know there is "Experience Builder" that has an editing widget to be added (not on my Enterprise 10.9.1 but only AGOL). Few suggestions here...

  1. Make the new web map viewer editing as easy as Android/iOS ArcGIS Field Maps
    • Show relationship class links
    • Copy/paste attributes/geometry etc.
    • All other functionalities that mobile version has
    • Make UX as good as mobile ArcGIS Field Maps
  2. Build web version of ArcGIS Field Maps (not just configuration) with same functionalities as Android/iOS ArcGIS Field Maps. It will make pushing out AGOL/Enterprise way easier for many organizations!
  3. Please don't wait for Windows 11 or Microsoft's promising "android" app integration to do this. They may never do a good enough job on this, and ask people to use unnecessary "amazon" account... 

Thanks a lot,



I had the same thought when looking around for an easier to use client instead of MapViewer. 

Using FieldMaps in the office ... would give the possibility to configure one application to be used in several environments. But it's also a risk that it would be more overloaded with features that make it more complicated agagin (field maps has already too much buttons, menu entries etc).


Hi Reno,

Really appreciate your suggestions. Regarding (3), we have been running Field Maps on Windows 11 using the beta version of Windows Subsystem for Android and it looks really good. When Windows 11 goes final, Field Maps will be available and viable on 4 platforms - iOS, Android, Windows 11, and macOS (with Apple silicon).

One note is that currently the WSA does not support Bluetooth, so external GPS receivers would not work. Based on the use case you described, that won't be an issue, but it might be for others so we are working closely with Microsoft to come up with a solution.

We are always looking for beta testers for Field Maps on Windows.




Hi @jeffj ,

Thank you. I hope the Android Field Maps will eventually work on Windows 11 smoothly. It will be fantastic if the app will support Bluetooth GPS device such as Trimble Catalyst DA2. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help testing to help your team. I really hope Microsoft has given up the idea of requiring using "Amazon Appstore". I may be able to get all our field workers to have SSO using Amazon Appstore, then...they can still use Microsoft 365 to log on Amazon Appstore without needing to remember additional credential. 

You can contact the Town of Qualicum Beach (Canada) IT to be one of your beta testers. 




Hi Reno,

We are testing Field Maps in Windows 11 environments right now and are hoping to certify Field Maps in this environment later in the year. Thanks for your interest.

It's a fast evolving story from Microsoft be we are working closely with them to make sure we can provide the best possible experience to Field Maps users on Windows.

Please email with the best contact email for the beta program. Our team would love to work with you in beta testing.



Hi @BrentPierce,

I windows version would be great. Please also consider a web version.

I keep steering users to Survey123 because a single web URL works everywhere.  Which makes it very easy to send out to users, as they just have to click the link.


The release version of the Field Maps Android app runs fine on my Windows 11 laptop, but installing it involved jumping through some awkward hoops, to set up the "subsystem" and sideload it via adb.
I've found the latest beta apk, but I still can't see any accompanying instructions about how to install it on Windows 11. I imagine a fair amount of work must be being done on devising a more streamlined installation procedure than I ended up going through, with the release version... have any such instructions been published, as part of the beta programme?


Please just develop it natively on Windows! We shouldn't have to add a subsystem and sideload things to enterprise systems to run a program. It's not like Windows in an obscure operating system, and we have invested in enterprise Corporate GIS. We are not some small shop that can just cobble a solution together. This sounds like something you would code in your basement. You are forcing us to move from Collector which had a Windows version to field maps which is a great improvement however making Field Maps available on Windows was just left out of your plans. Sorry, you really need to provide it, you can see that it is a requirement for many organizations. There is no way sideloading a subsystem will be approved on our corporate network.

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Good news we are now in beta on Field Maps running on the WIndows Subsystem for Android as part of Windows 11, Join the beta and help us make it great:


Hi @BrentPierce ,

I will try it and provide feedback. However, you can see there are users who desire native Windows 11 App and web version of Field Maps. I am not sure if you are aware of the Amazon Appstore on Windows rating is 1.7 can see how people already frustrated with this new platform before we even be able to use ArcGIS Field Maps on Amazon Appstore...

It seems like it is taking forever at the stage of setting up the Amazon Appstore (Step1).


Extra software (layer) of implementing a solution requiring a separate 3rd party account to be able to use an Android app was never a good idea.

If Microsoft really want to make this work, they will have android app installed able on their Windows Store, and people can use it without Amazon Appstore and Amazon account...




I agree with @rsun_TQB; we need a native Windows app. I will test the beta at home, but adding an Android subsystem in a corporate environment will never pass the security sniff test. And then requiring Amazon accounts will never work. We also can't upgrade to Windows 11 because it isn't compatible with our network drives. The current solution is not an acceptable solution for a corporate setting. Please go back and create a windows app, your customers deserve it.