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ArcGIS Field Maps Shapefile Export

02-11-2022 07:08 AM
Status: Open
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We have a high demand to supply a shape export in the field to contractors.

  1. Situation is generally a disconnected environment.
  2. Transfer is completed with a BT option such as AirDrop.
  3. Markups are wholly inadequate with their simplicity; field workers should be able to share data they have collected.
  4. Receivers/contractors are not members of our ArcGIS organization so:
    1. they are likely leveraging a 3rd party solution which can consume shapefiles
    2. they are unlicensed within our organization
    3. a synchronization process to & from our Enterprise environment is unfeasible for them.

Esri Take Note Here!!!: Avenza maps supports this functionality and it is widely used. If you were support this with Field Maps, you would deal a significant blow to that solution and make Field Maps that much stronger of an option.

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We are in the same boat here. We have a highly dynamic contractor workforce who may then employ sub contractors. The contractor force can change annually or even seasonally. It would be impossible to get everybody onboarded and trained on new software to proficiency. Outside of logistical constraints there are policy constraints to exposing subcontractors to company resources and training a subcontracted workforce.

Our contractor force is therefore obligated to use Avenza for its simplicity and flexibility and the current ESRI software is ill-equipped to accommodate that in the field.