Allow the pop-ups to show in Field Maps the way the initial creator intended

03-18-2021 12:36 PM
Status: Open
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In ArcGIS Explorer my pop-ups for my hunting web map look the way I created them in ArcGIS Online, but they don't in Field Maps.  In field maps the pop-ups revert to the ugly, basic presentation showing attribute column name and value for the area, which is not what I want my viewers to see, and the links I created are not there.  I want the crisp clean view I created that clearly shows which link goes to the official hunting map for this area, for our state (the map law enforcement uses to enforce hunting laws) as well as links to aerials and permit info, etc. - see attached from Explorer as it should look.  Please open Field maps and take a look at my map pop-ups.  Search for "Texas Public Hunting Locator Map" and click a star to see what Field Maps does to my pop-ups.  Note how there are no links to other maps.  I need these links because the state of Texas requires hunting maps in a paper format and not just a digital format, and these links take viewers to the paper form, which is the official form, as per TX state law.  Who knows when TX law will change, if ever, and so I must link to the paper form.  Will this issue be fixed by Dec. 2021?  Thank you for your help.



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Hi @nheger , are you seeing the wrong popup in both iOS and Android? I tested your map on both and the popup looks correct on iOS but not on Android. However, I also tested it in the soon to be released update to Field Maps and it works correctly there so your issue should be solved in a few weeks when the next update comes out.