Allow search function to return more than 12 results

01-15-2021 10:32 AM
Status: Open
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Currently, both Field Maps and Collector return a max of only 12 results when using the search function.

It is important to our business to have the search function return more results than that. 12 results just isn't that helpful in our case unfortunately.

It would be great if we could at least have the ability to define how many matching results got returned. This would give us some flexibility here.

Use case:

Part of our business includes the management of vegetation clearing projects that often span large geographic areas. These projects can consist of 100's of individual sites (records contained in vegetation treatment layers) where work is to be performed. Before a project commences field supervisors are meant to review the sites in Field Maps. Our method of doing this was to have them search by project name within the app in order to get a list of all the sites that the project contained. In Collector Classic this worked well as staff were able to see a full list work sites associated with a project. 

I imagine that this would be the case for any business that wanted to search by project name where each project potentially contained many records.


As per Mevs604, I am disappointed with the limitation of the search function.

The return of a maximum of only12 results when using the search function, is not working for my organization.  Is there a way the settings can be adjusted to allow for all returns or the ability to set the number of returns required?


@ColinLawrence would you know if this still a limitation Re: Field Maps search only returns maximum 12 resu... - Esri Community  thanks in advance.


This limitation is also causing an issue in our organization. At the very least it should be configurable.


agree, # of search results should be configurable and much greater than 12