Add Bearing to Measure Tool in Field Maps

01-13-2022 10:26 AM
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Please add bearing (in numeric degrees) to the Measure tool in Field Maps (see attached picture).  If you are on-site with a map in Field Maps you can drop a pin to see your distance and direction (bearing) to a destination; however, you cannot use the measure tool to get the bearing from the origin to destination.  Knowing the bearing allows you to dial it in on the azimuth ring of a mapping compass (with declination set to account for the difference between magnetic and true north for your location) for field navigation. 

When working with others that don't have Field Maps and you want to provide specific instructions for finding a location (based on the attached picture), you could say something like, "From the end of the spur road, dial in 265 degrees and walk about 15.5 chains (roughly the 1,034 ft as shown) to find the edge of the wetland.  There is an eagle's nest in the 36 inch (diameter at breast height (DBA)) white pine."  This is just one example, but being able to note the bearing and distance between two features in the field (without having to be there in person), could save a lot of time and effort in communicating directions to others.

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This would be very helpful as we transition out of other mobile applications that have this capability.


Yeah, this is pretty essential for field applications.  


I'm surprised the bearing is not included with the length. In marine navigation you set your bearing and then travel a certain distance. Then you reset your bearing for a new leg. This is essential as a tool.


Definitely a need--we triangulate on the fly in the field and this is essential. 


Could not agree more!


I did find a workaround in Survey123--there is a compass tool option that isn't obvious right away. Here is info on the tool:


You can do a "long press" anywhere on the map to drop a pin, and then use the compass tool to get a distance and bearing to that pin.  This should solve this issue?


@LeonConsus Thank you SO MUCH... this is the function, it's just presented differently than it is in Avenza, super useful.


Oh man I just posted this idea, didn't realize someone else already posted it. Hopefully it brings more attention to it.


Pressing on the field map and using the compass is only good for one leg or route. This is still a fairly simple tool.