Add ability to select alternative camera app for iOS devices

06-13-2022 05:02 AM
New Contributor III

As far as I can tell, there is no way to change the default camera app in an iOS device as you can with android. We find using a third party camera that stamps location and time data on the image itself to be very very helpful. Currently the only solution I can find is to use one of these apps (Solocator, for example) to snap a few photos, outside of field maps, and then attach these images to the feature being collected in a manual way, rather than just taking a picture right from field maps. This works okay, but slows down the process of data collection significantly.

It would be great for the field maps team to build in some sort of ability to select a different camera app to work internally within the field maps data collection environment. Is this possible?

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Our field users also use Solocator heavily and we would find value in this, as well. Better yet, enable similar features Solocator provides directly within the  Field Maps camera.