Ability to add bearings to Measure Tool & Navigation

07-24-2023 01:38 PM
New Contributor III

Good afternoon,

I'm not sure if this idea has been posted before, but would it be possible to add bearings to the Measure tool? We had a situation where we had to re-GPS existing property iron rods and all we had for reference was a survey with very minimal detail. We were able to locate one of the NW corners (see screenshot below, screenshot was taken from my mobile phone and not my trimble for demonstration purposes) and I got the idea to use the measure tool to make a line 233' and eyeballing the direction. It worked great and put us in the general area of where the SW iron rod was at. It saved us time from taking out our measuring wheel and having to walk it. That got me thinking that if Field Maps had the ability to add bearings, for example (N01°01'01"E 233.01'), it would greatly help in zeroing certain landmarks in surveys. Also, I'm not sure if snapping is avaibale in the measuring tool, if it is I couldn't figure out how to enable it, so I pretty much eyeballed the distance and bearing while trying out this idea. The adaptation would work as a sort of navigation/measuring tool, of course you wouldn't HAVE to use the bearing feature, but if it was needed it would be a crucial addition.



Screenshot_Field Maps.jpg