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Ability for Administrators to Sticky a Message on the Home Screen

06-10-2022 11:39 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

I'd like a way to communicate with my users out in the field and reinforce the proper procedure for how to request support.  It be great to sticky a message, add a "Contact Us" button, or have an button that could be configured to state a message.

Currently if field crews are having an issue with a workflow within Field Maps, they don't know who to contact leading to frustrations and inefficiencies.  I'd like to be able to leave a message for all users that includes the email address and phone number for the GIS team so that their issues can be addressed in the moment. 

A nice to have addition to this would be a way to select a contact us button or link and it would direct them to our company live chat application of choice. For example, if they are having an issue the contact us button would open up a Microsoft Teams Chat to the GIS team.

I'm unable to see any ability to configure a user's homepage or add this type of functionality in the webmaps that are consumed in Field Maps.

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Very good idea not only for the "regular" contact but  also for info about maintenance, system updates, news etc!

News information should be in a way that user can/must read it once and then click on "do not show again" until the information gets renewed.