Overlapping Legend endpoints using Quantiles

11-10-2011 08:56 AM
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If you add this service to Explorer online using add sublayer as features:
and select counties.

and then change the classification to Quantiles and 5 groups (don't need to change), you will notice that the end point of one group is the starting point of the next group.

This confuses me.

For example, which group is $35,443 in. Group 1 or 2.

Here are the groups:
8,889.00 ~ 35,443.00
35,443.00 ~ 40,082.00
40,082.00 ~ 45,122.00
45,122.00 ~ 54,755.00
54,755.00 ~ 116,778.00

thank you in advance,
James Cucinelli
PS I tried to attach a screenshot not sure if it worked.
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Hi James,

This is a known issue in the current release I'm afraid, the labelling of the classes is misleading - the maximum value in a given class is below that labelled. So in your example, the value of $35,443 is in class 2 - you should see if you find a feature that has the boundary value, it is symbolized correctly in the map with the higher group's symbol. This is on the list of things we'd like to address for the next release; however as it's not currently fixed in our working builds so I cant promise it will get fixed for the next release.
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OK. Thanks.
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Also, not showing the variable name being classified should be up there on the list of things to fix. These would be show-stoppers in my mind.
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