"Writing" mode for Explorer App Markup

10-09-2018 08:28 AM
Status: Open
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I’ve been trying the Explorer App using it’s “Markup” mode to create hand written notes on apartment building information (see attachements).  We just want to make a hand label of the apartment buildings that can be used to create annotation for our E911 data. 


It’s a real pain to use it to write a text note on a map.  Every time you lift your finger or stylus it pops up an option menu.


I’d like to suggest a “hand written notes” mode that would let you complete a note without interruption.  This would make it much better for scratching notes on a map.

I know about the "Notes" functionality, but we want to the the graphic that is created as the "note" without having to tap out a note on a keyboard.

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Hello Martin Lewis,

Thank you for submitting this idea! Could you give an example of a situation where a handwritten note using markup is a necessity? What kind of information have you used the current functionality to collect? How are you currently dealing with this functionality and the information that is being collected?

Any additional context or examples you can provide will help us understand why this idea is important for your organization.