How do I save a project as a shapefile?

05-04-2020 08:41 AM
New Contributor

I am using ArcGIS Explorer. My project was to add pipelines from my company's gas wells to the basemap. After starting from scratch, as the only GIS experience I have is 1 semester in college 13 years ago, I finally got some basic idea of how to find the layer that included well locations. After adding this layer and being able to see the wells on the map, I then drew in the pipelines using "line" in the "create" section of the "home" tab. 

My question is, after giving the backstory, how do I now send this, via email, as a shapefile?  I have the project saved and have sent it via email, only to be told they aren't able to open the file type, and that it needs to be sent as a shapefile.  Under "save as", the only file type i can save it as is ".nmf".  The last time I had to send maps to someone I also had this problem but worked around it by printing off the maps and physically mailing them. This time, the only option is to email the data.  

Again, i am very ignorant when it comes to the program so, hopefully, it's very simple and I would truly appreciate any help I can get.

Thanks in advance. 


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