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07-06-2015 12:00 PM
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I'm trying to decide if AGX is the right platform for my end users, who are internal to my company and are not going to learn GIS.  They want to zoom to a parcel, click a button and create a simple layout.  I'm just now looking at AGX, and it doesn't seem to posses much layout/printing capabilities.  Am I missing something?  Can the software be extended to provide costume layouts?

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The short answer is no. AGX essentially only provides a screenshot of what you are seeing at any given time for what you can print. That's it.

The longer answer is that you can script something to provide those custom layouts. You would essentially use AGX's built in "screenprint" capability to grab the map, then put that into a pdf or postscript within your .NET addin that you write for AGX that provides the rest of the features  and layout you need.

For example, iIve created a print tool that allows you to print to multiple pages or print to a specific scale that works by grabbing a sequence of AGX maps at the required zoom level and pasting them all together. 

The only real limitation with this method is that the map will only have a resolution equal to that of your screen. Other than that, it's only limited by how much time you want to invest in creating a custom print addin.


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Thanks Norman.  I guess this isn't the tool for me.

What I think I will do instead is create an AGOL web map and ask our Server dude to publish a custom layout.

Your quick response is much appreciated.

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