Explorer for ArcGIS (iOS) v17.1.2 Released!

08-16-2017 09:29 AM
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Building upon the 17.1.0 and 17.1.1 releases, today we have updated Explorer for ArcGIS in the Apple App Store with some very important fixes:

  • BUG-000106480—Pop-ups are not consistently displaying values when the field alias is different from the field name.
  • BUG-000106814—Configuring custom attribute display to show multiple fields returns nothing.
  • BUG-000107080—Attachments don't display for map service layers.
  • Feature search can fail when searching integer fields using the Equals condition.
  • If the request for an OAUTH page fails when signing in, a message shows instead of a white screen.

We are already planning our next update and it will be coming very soon. A couple of important issues on our pending list include:

  • BUG-000106721—Adding shapefiles enabled for but not containing any z-values into a map stops the map from loading. The error message displayed is *The shape must have a Z value.
  • Performance improvements to the way Explorer performs queries against feature and map services.

Thank you for your continued support.

Explorer Team

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