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Zone Lookup Experience Builder Popups not Matching Popups in Web Map

04-22-2024 11:48 AM
New Contributor II

Hi GIS Community!

I am working on configuring a Zone Lookup Experience Builder app and have run into an issue with the popups. Our web map has custom popups created with several attribute expressions. The map shows two popups for some features:




We have the map visibility turned off in the Zone Lookup app, but when I search an address that is located in the feature, it is only showing one of the two popups. The popup in the app is also not showing some of the information that it was showing in the map. As you can see, the "Jun 2024" section of the popup is gone.



Can someone please help with this issue? Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi, @HenriettaK - Can you share this web map with me for a check? It would be nice to see how this pop-up is configured.

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