Viewing and Editing Related Record Attachments via Experience Builder

08-29-2022 11:19 AM
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I have users that are completing inspections using Field Maps  These inspections are recorded via related records and they sometimes include attachments.  Back in the office, I want these users to be able to view these related records and their attachments, and also be able to add additional attachments if necessary.  

Ideally, the office portion would occur using Experience Builder.  Is it possible to view, add, and or edit attachments for related records in Experience Builder?  I have spent a significant amount of time searching for a way to make that happen, but I am not finding anything.

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Hello @AshleyHayes2,

I think this is a very high priority request.

Editing related records is a very essential feature for many customers. Ideally, related tables and plugins are used in most cases. Unless EXB editor widget has the ability to edit related records, it will always be insufficient and will not be able to meet customer needs.

We tried to overcome this problem by developing a custom widget for one of our customers.

As far as I know, the smart editor widget in WAB will be transferred to EXB. I hope it will be available with more advanced features including related record edits as soon as possible.

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I developed an application for my users to do this via Survey123 forms embedded in the experience builder.  I had a form for attachments where they could upload and windows for viewing any associated ones when they clicked on an existing feature.  Most edits are done in Field Maps but our engineering firm also accesses the Experience to upload inspection reports.  I had to set up additional metadata fields for our attachments so I set up a related table just for attachments on my feature class, published it with attachments enabled.  I then put in a separate window for updating the attachments in the table format.  Not ideal, but since they don't regularly update the attachment information, it works for our purposes.  


A separate view has an activity form that they can upload photos to record maintenance on a feature.

In this experience, they click on a feature, and the "Attachment Metadata" window shows all the associated attachments, which are a combo of PDF and image.  Any images when cycling through the attachments will display in the bottom right.


FC example.png


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Has this functionality been included yet, or is Experience Builder yet another ESRI initiative that has gone thru no testing and is yet another application that is starting from scratch?

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