VERY slow pop-up performance in Experience Builder

04-21-2022 09:18 AM
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I am currently using Experience Builder to build an application. When the web map is brought into the experience, the pop-ups no longer perform as expected. They do not always open when clicked, and once opened, I cannot click on the "x" to close the pop-up. This behavior does not occur when looking at just the web map, only in experience builder. There are other erratic performance issues with the pop-ups within Experience Builder as well. Overall it seems that the "wrapper" of Experience Builder somehow affects the interaction of user clicks and the popup. 


Anyone else have issues with this? Workarounds?

Just building appy apps and mappy maps.
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Hi karimarhicks,

I can commiserate.  I noted the same popup performance issue when wrapped in ExB.   I have not seen a workaround for this yet.  Only adding my comments to show that you are not alone.  🙂 

Kevin Wright
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Hello, I experienced the same and opened two threads:

How many layers does your webmap have? We have about 60 and we've found that ExB poorly deals with such amount of layers. This not only for identify but also for measure and draw widgets.

The workaround may be developing your own widget querying the webmap and displaying results. We did this and it works well. 



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I have the same issue with Developer's Edition, especially after I applied 1.8 patch for a selection regression issue.

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You’re not alone, though the issues are not limited to just popups for me, map widgets (i.e. measure, layers, etc.) frequently “freeze” becoming non-responsive. Controller widgets are generally fine however data linked text can also be painful waiting for. I’ve been transitioning my WAB apps over to ExB in anticipation of its retirement but ExB performance is so poor and erratic, I can’t possibly put them into production at this time. 

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