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URL Parameter in EXB to select and filter Dashboard?

09-18-2023 03:02 PM
New Contributor II

We have created an Experience Builder app in which a user selects a polygon on a webmap containing feature layers and tables.  All widgets on subsequent pages are then filtered or selected using a primary key (ours is the FIRESHED_ID field).  We are wanting to then have an embedded Dashboard on the last page of our Experience that is triggered by the initial polygon selection.  This Dashboard is configured so that all widgets are updated off of FIRESHED_ID as well and uses the same web map as the EXB app.  Is it currently possible to select a polygon in a web map in EXB that would also select the same polygon in the embedded Dashboard and have all widgets in said Dashboard filter and update?  This would need to be a dynamic URL parameter but I am having issues configuring it.  Thanks for any assistance.  

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