Unable to zoom to selected feature in Scene Layer from item in List widget

05-03-2023 08:53 AM
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We're building a simple Experience Builder app which aims to list features within a Scene Layer, showing attributes and an associated image for each one. In practice this consists of a List widget in a sidebar panel showing each item, and the associated map in the main pane.

I want to be able to click on an item in the List and have the map zoom to its location. Unfortunately, this isn't possible with a Scene Layer; the only options when this is chosen as the data source are "Flash" and "Filter".

If I instead manually add the underlying Feature Layer, which is created and published as part of the Scene Layer, though neither visible nor selectable as part of the map, I can still reference all of the attributes, format the list nicely, and clicking an item zooms to it.

Unfortunately, this also breaks the bidirectional nature of the side panel, so the filter and sort tools filter only the list, and features selected on the Map are not selected in the List.

I have tried to link the two items via a "Record selection changed" trigger on the Map, using the "Filter data records" item in Framework, but this does nothing.

I'd like the underlying Feature Layer, which is part of the Scene Layer, to be selectable in the Data Source list in Experience Builder. Is there anything in the roadmap to suggest this will happen? Or is there another solution?

Kind regards.

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@GIS_Weasel I tried a scene with a feature layer, and the zooming works as expected -



I suspect that you are using a special layer, and as I recall some layers like scene object layers do not support the zoom actions yet. Could you provide more details on the layer type or a sample layer?  

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Hi @TonghuiMing,

Thanks for your reply. Yes - the layer I'd like to zoom to is an ArcGISSceneServiceLayer published from a 3D Multipatch, and it doesn't seem to support zoom to - even though it is published with the optional associated Feature Layer. Regular Feature Layers aren't an issue and work properly.