Unable to export data from embedded Web App

02-22-2023 10:40 AM
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I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this...

I have a pretty simple Web App embedded in an Experience.  The Web App includes a Query Widget with the option to Export results turned on.

If we use the Web App directly, the export works as expected.  However, if the Web App is embedded in the Experience, the export acts like it works but does not actually export the data to the user's computer.

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@AmyMcCarthy, Due to security concerns,  the sandbox rules in the Embed widget only allow embedded apps with ArcGIS and Esri domains, or the embedded URL that shares the same domain as ArcGIS Enterprise to perform actions like export or print. 

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That makes sense.  Thanks!

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Hey @Jianxia, I am a co-worker of Amy's. 

We are still trying to work through this issue.  We have an ArcGIS Enterprise 11.0 multi-machine deployment.  As you mentioned, I do think we are running into the sandboxing rules, but the odd thing is that the WAB with the Query Widget is coming from the same ArcGIS Enterprise deployment as the ArcGIS Experience (or ArcGIS Dashboard) that it is embedded in, on the same domain. 

We are in the process of migrating from a ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8. deployment and one of our users is trying to recreate a resource where she had a WAB with a Query Widget embedded in a ArcGIS Dashboard.  The functionality works in the 10.8 deployment but not in the 11.0 deployment.  Is this a security measure that has changed since 10.8?

This issue is consistent using Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

I did see in the

Unable to Export CSV Files Using an Embedded Web AppBuilder in Experience Builder

 community discussion that BUG-000149298 was closed as a known limit.  And have read the documentation at https://doc.arcgis.com/en/experience-builder/latest/configure-widgets/embed-widget.htm#ESRI_SECTION1...

I feel since all of our resources are on the same trusted domain, with the same CA-Signed certs, that this functionality should be working. 


We are not able to export CSVs from any embedded content; WAB Query Widget in Experience or Dashboard, neither an Experience with a Query Widget embedded in a Dashboard.

Any help or insight would be a huge help!

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I am having the same issue as @JordanMitchell1 , where the Web app builder is on the same portl embedded in a dashboard but does not allow users to export. similarly this workes in Enterprise 10.6 but not in oue new 10.9.

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We are also currently running Enterprise 10.9.1 with a path to upgrade to 11.1 very soon. This is an issue with one of our non-public facing apps and would love to figure out a work around if possible. As far as I can tell everything is the same origin and it is not working. Is the embed widget truly locked down to only allow esri.com and arcgis.com making it practically useless for Enterprise users for a scenario such as this?

I've played around with embedding by code, but that appears to be locked down too when trying to embed a custom iframe.

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