Unable to download Exp Builder web app

02-01-2022 04:28 AM
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I created a web app w/ Experience Builder, through ArcGIS Online, and I am following Esri's instructions to download and deploy on our web server:


In the gallery in AGOL, I clicked on the three ellipses but there is no Download option.  In EB itself, I see no such option.   What am I missing here and how do I download my web app?



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Hi @JohnSasso , those instructions refer to downloading and deploying the application from the Developer Edition.  You will need to follow the instructions to add the Developer Edition to your desktop.  You can then import the app from your AGOL to the ExB Dev Edition, and then download the published application from there for deployment on your web server

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David, thank you for the clarification, as this was not made clear in Esri's documentation.  After installed EB Dev Ed, I am able to download my web app and easily deploy it via AWSW Amplify.

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I am using the dev edition 1.9, but I could not find the 'download' option.

I am also seeing 'server error read ECONNRESET' error message in my terminal.

Can anyone suggest?

Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 1.27.07 PM.png

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You need to publish the app first.