Trying to switch "view" when map feature selected

12-01-2022 10:24 AM
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Hello community! 

I'm not sure if there is a solution to this, but maybe someone has found a workaround? Or maybe this is more of a future improvement suggestion for Esri?

I have an experience I'm building with fossil localities on a map with an info sidebar. There are points on the map and when one is selected, I'd like the info sidebar to switch to the "Site Info" tab/view where more info is dynamically populated for whatever is selected. (see screenshots)

As far as I can find in the communities and searching around, this is not possible. It seems like feature selections on the map cannot tell other experience builder widgets to change except to populate content from the data. Has anyone made something like this work? Or have a workaround? 

My current workaround is to enable popups and just tell the user to click the Site Info tab for more, but I don't love the look of the popups and would like it to just switch over automatically with no popups.

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I was working on an app with a similar design and had the same issue. I do not think there is a built-in way to have the view automatically change.

My compromise solution was to create a window that loads when the app is first opened with the about information. Then the user can click a button to close the window and start using the app. Then, the view on the side bar just defaults to Site Info.

I too, would prefer if we could trigger it, maybe an experience builder enhancement down the road?