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Trigger Filtering on Different Layer (and Page) and Filtering for Power BI

02-27-2024 05:48 PM
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Hello 🙂

I'm creating an application that has multiple pages (using the 'Menu' widget to switch between them), the first two pages for maps and the others for embedded Power BI reports.


I would like to search/select on the first page 'Main Map' and trigger filtering on the second page map ('Wāhi Tapu Map'). I am using the main page search bar to trigger filtering of data on the second page (see below) but it seems to be the case that the trigger data and action data have to be the same feature layer (i.e. 'Actively Managed Whenua' on both pages). Is this correct? I would like to filter a different layer ('Wāhi_Tapu') on the second page - it is not in 'Main Map' but has a column with the same set of values as 'Name' used below (i.e. select Farm X on first page and then filter layer for those features associated with Farm X on second page). Can I trigger the filtering of 'Wāhi_Tapu' from the triggered filtering of 'Actively Managed Whenua' (second page) or is there another way to do this?


On a related (but separate) question, is there some way that the search/select on 'Main Map' can trigger filtering of an embedded Power BI report, directly or possibly through a dynamic URL? I can see that the report can be connected to the selected features on the 'Main Map' (see below) but not sure how this works/what it requires (same issue as above?).


Thanks so much in advance!

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