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Transfer Expereince Builder to another organization

05-18-2021 12:12 PM
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I am needing to transfer my experience builder to another ArcGIS organization. I have tried both ArcGIS Online Assistant and the API code from the blog post:

I have used the code to transfer other content (web maps, web app builder, and survey123 forms) with success. I am wondering if there is something extra that needs to be added?

The error I get is:

("Failed to create Web Experience: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\\\Users\\\\......... , None)
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FYI: Your link says - "It will not work for ArcGIS StoryMaps or ArcGIS Experience Builder" and then directs people to:

BUT, I just tried something similar with a script built from that template and it worked fine on a test Experience. The error makes me think it's a relative path issue. If you could attach your script that'd help 🙂

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Hi @edward33,

Have you tried the new ArcGIS Assistant (Beta) to transfer your Experience Builder to another ArcGIS Online Organization?

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Hi @edward33,

This is a limitation of the clone_items() method and Experience Builder items are not supported with it at the moment.

From what I've seen, both versions of ArcGIS Online Assistant also cannot properly copy an Experience Builder app. While the item for the Experience is cloned in the target organization, the copy of the app still references the maps, apps, and other underlying layers used in the original Experience, as this workflow (similar to the Python API clone_items() method) only copy the app item and not other items that are used in this app in different ways or forms. 

Until this functionality is added to ArcGIS API for Python in future releases, one possible workaround is to clone Web Maps and/or Feature Services and/or apps used in the Experience using clone_items() method, and then rebuild the Experience Builder app in the target organization.



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I hope cloning Experience Builder items would be part of a future version of the python API.

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@KarstenRank cloning Experience Builder items and other operations are planned to be available in Python API around UC this year. 

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@MJBiazar and @Jianxia  Thank you for this information.  I have been working with an Esri tech for a week and a half trying to solve this issue.  I received the error, "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'metadata'".  While waiting on a response, I noticed the Developers documentation did not list Experience Builder on their list of items that were able to be cloned.  It didn't specify that it couldn't be done, but didn't specify that it could.  I will let my tech know.

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@JasminePrater , sorry for that. Please wait for the upcoming release of Python API.

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Hi @Jianxia, has this functionality been released in the latest Python API v2.1.0? 

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@Jianxia Im using "" and clone_items() on an experience builder item is not working

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