Takes too long to display EB Widget Controller when opening a page or an application

01-31-2023 01:03 PM
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Hello everyone,


I am using EB in AGOL and I created a web application that has 4 pages and 2 Widget Controllers per page. Inside the first Widget Controller there are several widgets: legend, layers, table, bookmark, print, about. In the second Widget Controller there are also other widgets such as Query, Filter.

When I open this web application, both Widget Controllers take too long to become visible. 

When I switch from one page to another Widget Controllers  are not visible, and take some time to become visible.

How can I optimize that?




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you dont happen to have an image widget in the mix with attachments do you? i've found that with attachments they all get loaded at the start and if the images are large *everything* slows down.

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Hello Tslack,

No I do not have an image widget inside any of the Widget Controllers. It looks like widgets embedded inside the map, the search widget, are slow to load.



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