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Table Widget doesn't filter to selected data records, where Map does.

07-25-2023 08:52 AM
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ExB Enterprise, 11.1

I have two charts using the same data, but configured for different fields. The first breaks down Permit Type, the second breaks down Permit Status.

When I click on a piece of the first chart, the map filters and selects to only records of the type selected. Selecting a piece on the second chart results in what we want: the map further selects down so only features of the selected type and selected status display on the map. It seems to be using an AND select on the back end, which is desired.

The Table widget is setup to Filter Data Records when the Map selection changes. So I would expect it to select only the records that are selected in the Map. But it doesn't. It shows all of the features selected by charts; like it's using an OR clause where the Map uses an AND clause. 

How can I get the Table Widget to perform like the Map?

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Hi @LDreyfuss 

Thanks for the feedback. I created an app following the steps:

  • A map widget with a feature layer
    • Filter framework records with selected records
  • Two charts using different categories with the same feature layer
    • Filter framework records with selected outputs
  • A table widget with the same feature layer

Per testing, I wasn't able to reproduce the issue you described above:

1. Filter with the first chart (Life Stage == "Juvenile")

Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 11.22.20.png

2. Filter with the second chart combined with the first one. Both map and table responds as expected

Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 11.22.33.png

3. Select records on the map, the table got filtered:

Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 11.22.53.png

Please let me know of any mistakes in the steps above. It would be great and helpful if you can share a sample app with us. Thanks!

Shen Zhang
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Update: Got it to work! Realized that my triggers were only set up to filter on the map, not on the framework after all. Everything is working as expected! Your example was very helpful, thanks again!!

Hi Shen,

Thanks so much for sharing this! This is almost exactly how mine is set up, but my second chart is a bar chart. Does that change the behavior for you at all?

I'm also using Enterprise 11.1, I'm not sure if that makes a difference.

I've also realized that my charts don't mutually select each other. When I select a pie piece in the first chart, the second chart doesn't update to only show values in the category selected. I have a framework filter set on both, so it seems like it should, right?

My current app is internal only, but I'll see if I can create a test ExB that reproduce the same thing and share it here.

Really appreciate the feedback!


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Great to hear that! Please keep me updated if any issues arise.

Shen Zhang
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