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Survey widget to open survey when selecting feature in a list

06-05-2023 10:07 PM
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I have survey with survey123 for users to fill out a form of locations needing emergency works. Then in an experience builder app where workers can view the locations in a map. There is a list sorted by the date to show the most recent locations needing work.  I want the user's to be able to click on a record in the list and then to be able to see the relevent survey in the survey widget. Except, the survey widget only seems to open the surveys when a feature is selected in the map rather than in the list. It is like selecting in a list highlights the feature on the map but doesn't actually select it. Is this workflow possible? Thanks

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My experience with table selection to map selection, is that it does not cascade the selection. Similar to what you are seeing.

Can you set it up so the selection of the list widget directly selects the survey?

In my scenario, we just removed the selection on the map from the table. Instead it flashes or users can zoom to, but they have to select from the map. Keeping the interactions discrete actually makes for a smoother user experience as they only have one path to follow.

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I typically set this up by using the embed widget instead of the Survey123 widget and adding the survey via URL. That way clicking on the list brings up the survey without having to mess with the map. This blog outlines how to do this with ArcGIS Dashboards, but the general principle is the same using Experience Builder. 

Tricks of the Trade Embedding a Survey 

- Jen
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does this allow the user to select the records from the map, dynamically, like the survey123 widget does?

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I believe in the most recent update you are now able to click on a feature in the list widget and it will populate the survey widget - that is my experience. You might want to try again as I believe the update was after you posted this. 

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