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Site Data from in Chrome

08-02-2023 04:35 AM
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I was going to clear the cache of my browser the other day (due to issues viewing the Esri Community actually) and I noticed that says it contained a large amount of site data, for myself it's 2.6gb, my colleague checked and theirs was at 3.5gb.

I'm just wondering, why is the cache that ExB creates so large? What does it contain? Would deleting it cause any harm?


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Deleting the cache is harmless. In fact, it is a good practice to regularly clear your browser cache to keep it running at top speed. It might load slightly slower the next time you start Experience Builder, but it should run faster.

As for what's in it, I can't say for certain. It's probably mostly data from your maps being stored on your computer for quick access. Some of it is Experience Builder itself. The codebase for Experience Builder is huge. The copy on my computer is 144,000 files and 1.26GB. That's not all in your cache, but some of it is.

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