Sign In Prompt when launching Custom ExB App in Portal

09-02-2022 06:58 AM
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I've recently deployed a custom ExB App (1.9) onto the IIS which also hosts Portal web adaptor. (ArcGIS Portal 10.9.1). I followed the Deployment Guide -

I have created an App in Portal and Registered the App by copying the App ID to the clientID within "attributes" of the config.json. However, when the application is launched from Portal I get another sign in prompt even though I have registered the app as per the documentation.

Our web map is shared to the Org level only and can't be public. All of the layers except one are shared via the Portal also to the Org level. The Basemap however comes from AGOL and has stored credentials which should not get prompted, it is also shared to Org level. When developing the application I only signed in once in the ExB Dev edition.

My redirect URI is "https://<ourdomain>/appname" I assume thats fine?

Any ideas?

The application was copied to the wwwroot folder but never "Converted to Application" in IIS, but doesnt need to as per the doc?






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For OAuth, try the following redirect:




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Thanks for reply! Unfortunately, the sign in prompt still comes up. Tried incognito to wipe the cache no luck. It does not appear once you type it once but it means users first have to login to Portal then again to the Web app which is not ideal. 

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Thanks for sharing your problem. 
Based on your description, your app is registered with a portal, and in the app there are resources hosted and shared to portal org, and basemap from AGOL shared to org as well. Here are some questions: 
1. Is the portal where the app hosted the same as the resources hosted? 
2. What's the portal it asked login in the prompt? The portal you just registered or your online org.
3. There is an item Id in the screenshot of the login popup, make sure you have access to this item? 



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