Side Bar in Experience Builder (mobile view) doesn't allow you to interact with widgets under the side bar, even when collapsed.

08-20-2020 04:55 PM
by Anonymous User
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I have an Experience Builder where the web version and the mobile version require different widgets due to screen size. I added a side bar to the mobile version and added a column into the side bar, which has text and filter widgets. I'd like these to stay collapsed unless the user wants to refer to the text or update a filter. 

When I try to access the experience in the mobile view, it won't let me interact with any of the widgets placed underneath the side bar; I can't select anything from my list or interact with the map, etc. 

I've created an example of this; the desktop view will show you the functionality (select an item on the list, zoom to it on the map) and if you try on mobile, it won't let you interact with any of those widgets. The only thing you can interact with is the side bar. 

If I remove the side bar, I can interact with all the widgets in the mobile view. 

Here is the example Experience: Experience 

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Hi Karen,

In the sidebar where you have the map and list widget, add a column and put the list widget in there. This will solve your problem. 


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