Is triggering actions between lists gone in dev edition 1.1?

08-25-2020 02:42 PM
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In developer edition 1.0 I could trigger actions between two list widgets but that functionality seems missing in the 1.1 release. I no longer see the other lists in my experience as options in the select a target screen, just the framework and the map widget.  Is this a bug or was this intentionally removed? either way, would love to have that functionality back.

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Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for your question. Yes, the function is intentionally removed. In fact, we clarify the data source and message/action logic in the last release. 

But this function is not removed, you can achieve the same effect with our data view concept, by setting the target as "framework" and the action layer as the data view used in the second list widget.

For more details about the data view concept and the action effect range, please refer to the following topics.

Select data—ArcGIS Experience Builder | Documentation 

Add action triggers to widgets—ArcGIS Experience Builder | Documentation 

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