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send users to an organization sign-in page

06-12-2023 08:28 AM
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In general, when users attempt to access a private Experience Builder app on ArcGIS Online, they are directed to the main ArcGIS Online sign-in page. To send users to your organization's sign-in page instead, use org followed by your organization's short name.<AppId>/?org=<yourorgshortname>


I'm trying to follow the instructions from the above link but it doesn't seem to work.  My EB always sends me to the default ArcGIS Online login page and not our custom login page for our org.  Anyone else tried this and have it working?  @Jianxia 
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@DanMallett did you try the URL in this format:<AppId>/?org=<yourorgshortname> 

This way does work for me. Could you share your URL to me so we can have a try. 



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