This should be easy but I cant seem to get web app or experience builder to do it

05-19-2023 07:34 AM
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I would like a web app or field app which displays a polygon layer for parcels. It would have addressing tied to it. I would like a user to be able to add or delete or change attachments to that parcel and also to add or delete or modify records to the specific parcel .

Right now in web app builder or experience builder, the only way to add new records is to create a new polygon which I DONT want. Just for the user to click a polygon and get the table info for it and then add or remove attachments and to add or modify records tied to that parcel ID.

Example being, a polygon with a unique ID of 123456 and then being able to add records abc, abd, and abe under that ID. So the table would be ID 123456, record abc....then ID 123456, record abd....then ID 123456,record abe.

Am I using the right web app for this? Would field maps or survey 123 work better?

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I think you can do this with the "edit" widget and set it to only edit existing records?  I've not tested the edit widget on related tables or attributes to tell for sure.

However, I have built an experience that ties in survey123 to add attachments to point features.

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Yeah. Editing existing records is straightforward but I'd like to add secondary records as well based off the selected record. I think I might need a related table.

It seems the Edit widget only wants to work when an actual feature is created. I just want to add and modify table data without editing a polygon or a point feature.

Thank you for your answer! 🙂

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In WebAppBuilder you can edit related table records via the SmartEditor widget. I don't know what the timeline is for related table editing functionality to be at parity in ExperienceBuilder.

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Once you publish your related data, you can add related record elements via Map Viewer or Field Maps Designer. Then you will be able to edit your related records in Experience Builder using the Edit widget.

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