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search widget with geocoder and show on map action

05-14-2023 02:18 PM
Occasional Contributor II

When I use the search widget with arcgis world geocoder and "show on map" and "zoom to" actions configured in EXB for ArcGIS online, I can type in an address, a point is added to the map at the address location, and the map zooms to the location. If I then hit the clear button on the search widget, the address point icon does not disappear.  If I type in a different address to search for, the map finds the location and zooms to it, but no point is shown on the map at the new location.  

I must be missing something simple.  Has anyone gotten this to work properly, and if so do you have any tips?








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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi @johnbrosowsky ,

This issue is a known bug and will be addressed in the upcoming release.



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