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Search Widget in Experience Builder not clearing previous results when configured with an Address Locator

03-21-2023 10:30 AM
New Contributor II


I've put together an App through Experience Builder that includes a Search Widget which is configured to use our organization Locator. I've been doing a lot of testing/research on actions for the widget and I still keep running into the same problem...

When I do my initial search using an address, the results are correct and a point is displayed in the right location. When I clear the results and search a different address, the point from my initial search remains but the map zooms to the new location, all the while the initial point stays put. (Example: Search #1 = 1100 Robertson, Search #2 = 4358 Willow Creek)

Is there something I'm missing? I'd like the point to disappear when the search window is cleared and reappear in the location of the new search.



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Occasional Contributor III

I am having the same issue with a Search Widget. I cannot figure out how to clear the location point from the 'previous' address search and show location for the address new search. 

Esri Regular Contributor

Thanks for pointing this out, I can reproduce it on my side and we're looking into it.