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Reset list and feature detail widgets

05-08-2023 04:17 PM
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Hello everybody!

We are working on an experience builder configuration which guides a user through an interactive trail hike essentially.  They can choose a park to explore and it will show them information about that park, then has a deeper option with points of interest at the park, pictures, locations, etc etc ... 

A little more back ground -- we have a parks layer (one layer for the list and one layer for the feature details) and a points of interest layer (with a column that links them to their parent park).  When the user selects a park, then the data supporting the feature details and the trail hike get filtered for the selected on. 

Ok -- so a quirk we haven't been able to figure out is -- when selecting a park and then reading about it, the user may leave the feature details widget halfway scrolled through pictures or content ... and then when they select the next park -- the feature details are not reset (starting at the top like expected) -- they get dropped in halfway through. 

Similar with the hike stop list ... if they switch parks halfway through the stops -- then when they go back there, even if it's a different park -- they are brought back to the mid point of the list. 

Has anyone come across this before? Is there a way to reset these elements when a new framework filter gets applied? *fingers crossed*

Here's a little test app that demonstrates the quirky behavior in a much simpler config:  List and Details Testing



Thanks for any help or direction!



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