Remove the Select/Edit part in editor widget

05-23-2023 11:41 PM
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Is there something I'm missing? Do I need to create a custom widget or JavaScript application to edit the look of the editor widget.

I can't see that it make sense, that if you are removing the capability of deleting a record and update a record I still have the possibility of choosing select. I would like a more simple looking widget, where only the attributes I can choose are shown:



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Hi, the edit part will automatically disappear as long as you turn off the capability of deleting and updating for all the layers that are configured in the Edit widget.

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Thank you TianWen. It's not really working as I hope. I agree that the select part is removed, however the rest is still there.

So I'm wondering, would it make sense to create a custom widget. I know using the widget in a JavaScrip, will create the same thing, but maybe it could be possible to download the widget source code and change it in there an publish it back?




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I'm experiencing the same issue.
I have my feature layer set to Add only and the widget in ExBldr still is showing the select portion:




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I've run into this as well - and haven't seen comments elsewhere on whether creating a custom widget can remove these extra components. Have you had any success with this?

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