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Reload page when navigating between page

09-18-2023 07:33 AM
New Contributor II


I'm building an application with Experience Builder with multiple pages. One of the pages contains a form where the user can upload a file.

When browsing the site, pages are not reloaded. They keep the same state as before.

The avantage is that the site is faster but in my case, I would like to reset the form values when the user change pages.

It would be a good idea to have the ability to configure how the page is loaded : reloaded or not.


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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi @MatthieuBrisset 

To reload a page inside one app is against our current design. However, you can use an alternative way to achieve what you want - accessing the page using URLs will refresh it.

Adding a link, and linking to your desired page; then hide the original page inside the menu, you may want to change the labels though:


Hope it helps.

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