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Relate Table - unable to edit and missing in the popup

10-26-2023 11:24 AM
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Hi All,

I have a layer with a related table, published from an ArcGIS Server 10.8.1 as a Feature Service and added as a 'Feature Layer' in AGOL.

In the Map Viewer, when I select a point, the popup does not display the related table information. My goal is to use the EDITOR widget in the Experience Builder to add records to the related table.

*** I used the same Web Map in Field Maps, and I am able to view and edit the related table.

*** In Map Viewer Classic, I can see the related table listed in the popup from the layer with the relationship class set up, but this is not the case in the NEW Map Viewer.

Can I achieve the ability to add records to a related table using the Experience Builder Editor Widget AND able to see the related table listed in the popup from the layer with the relationship class set up






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Thank you, but it appears that the related table feature currently only functions with 'hosted feature services.'

My layer and related table originate from 'non-hosted feature services' published from an ArcGIS server. The article mentioned that support for this will be coming soon.


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I am running into this as an issue too. The two related tables I want my users to be able to add/edit records to for their given point are not hosted, and I'm suspicious I'm out of luck.

Can anyone point me to where Esri actually says this is only for Hosted layers/related tables? Or when this functionality will come to non-hosted feature layers & related tables? I mean I ahve  I think I got my hopes up with the October update to AGOL announcement of related table editability within Experience Builder's Edit Widget.


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Ah, bummer.  I have run into that a lot using referenced registered data instead of hosted feature services.

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