Query result should automatically open corresponding table result

02-23-2024 08:49 AM
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Please take look at my screenshots for a better context:

Screenshot from 2024-02-23 11-43-31.pngScreenshot from 2024-02-23 11-43-42.png

Screenshot from 2024-02-23 11-37-27.pngScreenshot from 2024-02-23 11-38-47.png


I have a Query widget and Table widget. However, whenever I get the result from Query, it will not automatically switch to the corresponding table tab, (the 3rd screenshot). I must do it manually.

From a user's standpoint, it may be confusing if they are using it for the first time. They might not notice Query will not do the job automatically for them, and they then instead wondering why there is no result displayed.

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Hi @PhilipSheng 

This is a good point. But why not use the query output view as the default table view to save the hassle of seeing the data without changing the sheets in the table?

Also in your case, the query result is generated at run time, so I would prefer to use View in table or Add to table data actions to view the result in the table. Like the other preset table sheets, the query output view is used for display data so I think it should not be connected to the query widget unless there are some message actions between them (actually there's no such action available).

Shen Zhang
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