Query Many to Many tables in ExB

12-16-2022 08:44 AM
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New to Experience Builder, so forgive the lack of specificity.

I have a schema with M:N relationships that I would like to query and work with in ExB.

For example, a State has zero or more Contractors, who may work in one or more States.  The goal is to select a State in the map and populate the related Contractors in the Table/List. Possibly then select the Contractor in the Table/List and highlight related States in the map.

I have a simple non-attributed relationship class Contractor_State with the foreign keys from the two tables.

First, do ExB actions and trigger recognize related tables?  It seems like it does not.  Could the SQL Expression Builder in the Dev Edition be configured with joins to access related records?

Any advice on how to proceed?

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Have you found a solution ? I am in the same situation dans can't find how to do this.


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