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Problem with displaying KML file on ArcGIS Experience Builder App

06-17-2022 11:59 AM
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Hi there, I recently use ArcGIS Experience Builder to create an app:

On the Heat Hazard tab of the app, users have the option to turn on a KML layer showing the land surface temperature. However, this layer is cut off into two parts and cannot line up with the basemap for some reasons (as shown in the screenshot below). I have tried to reproject the layer to have the same coordinate system as the basemap but it didn't help. 


But when I opened the web map which the app uses, the exact KML layers just looks fine: 



Does anyone have ideas about the possible reasons and how I can fix that? Thank you very much!


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Hi @Vanilla2020 - this does look weird. Is there a way to share the KML layer with us to take a look? (I can check on your ExB app but no access to the Map itself)

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Hi Tonghui,

Thanks for your reply. It is strange because I did share all my maps and layers that shown on the app to the public. Here is the URL for the map:

And the URL for the KML layer:

I also attached the KML layer as a zipper file in case you still have trouble accessing it. 

Thanks again!


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I am having the same issue, please let me know if you find a solution.

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