Predefined Levels Inherited by Basemap

11-14-2022 01:17 PM
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I have created a new scalebar widget.  With it, when the user clicks on the scale bar, they can type in a new scale and the view jumps to that scale.  However, with an ESRI basemap loaded, this widget will only jump to a predefined scale closest to the scale that was typed in.  This is not ideal for the functionality of the application.  

I'm trying to find a way to work around the predefined scales.  We only care about the basemap when we are zoomed out to the County level, but it is definitely nice to see the surrounding areas and not just have our County floating in space.  My widget works if I replace the basemap with one of our own layers.  I was looking at removing the basemap when zooming in past a certain scale (just hiding it doesn't help), but wasn't sure how to remove a basemap in Experience Builder once it has been loaded in.

Any suggestions on  how to work around this behavior would be much appreciated.




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