Pop ups dont show on ArcGIS Experience Builder ArcGIS Online

03-03-2023 08:55 PM
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Hi, I have enabled, and configured pop-ups in my web map, but the web app I built with the builder does not show them. Any ideas how this can be fixed? 

Web Map: VNSI_Datos (arcgis.com)

Experience: https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/ba24e44e146049518f8b6e788c3a4628/page/P%C3%A1gina/ 

Thank´s a lot!



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There should be an option in the Map Widget to allow popups.


Have a great day!
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@apmasmelar_UDFJC - thanks for bringing this up. I checked your MV and ExB settings, and all configurations should be fine. It appears that the problem may have something to do with the second Coordinates widget here:


In this widget, the added special SR does not support the mouse-hover-to-obtain-coordinate action, which might cause the popup not to show up.


If you remove the second widget or add a new one with SR supporting mouse hover, e.g. 4326, it works fine:



We will take a look at this special case. Thanks for the sample app.

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@apmasmelar_UDFJC The issue mentioned in the original post has be resolved in the recent AGOL 2023 June release.

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Is there an ETA when this will be resolved in Enterprise? We're on 11.1 and just stumbled upon this thread when looking for a solution for the same issue... Thanks.

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I am also curious if this plans to be addressed with the Enterprise Experience Builder? As of now if you make any changes to the underlying map driving the experience builder, pop-up attachments are lost and do not show. To be honest, Enterprise ExB pales in comparison to AGOL ExB and is barely useable at times. 

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@chill_gis_dude @zkovacs That would be picked up by Enterprise v11.2 and later.

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